Our Story

Equinalia was founded in 2012 by husband-and-wife team Corinna and David. The company is an online gift and lifestyle retailer with its headquarters in Barton Seagrave, England. We aim to supply perfect gifts for lovers of horses, dogs, cats and country life. 

Quaver & Lyric Handmade With Love

With Corinna's background in chemistry she is now putting those skills to use by developing a range of handmade home fragrance products. We draw creative inspiration from our passion for horses, the British countryside, and contemporary living.

"The product line is inspired by the personality of our horses, Quaver & Lyric. They're curious, energetic, funny, friendly, fearless, and at one with nature," explains Corinna"These traits have a significant role in the company's culture and values," adds David.

Each item will enhance everyday living, creating a signature home fragrance, and celebrating friendship and love. To ensure the highest quality, we'll use only the finest materials, scents and the highest production standards.

Caring for animals and the countryside is one of our core values. We aim to build sustainability into our products by using compostable packaging on our handmade goods and we re-use packaging whenever possible. Our glass container candles are designed to be re-purposed as part of your home decor after the candle has burnt therefore reducing waste going to landfill.