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Highly Scented Wax Melt Bars Two Tone Dog Pawsome Design

Highly Scented Wax Melt Bars Two Tone Dog Pawsome Design

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Highly scented soy wax melt bars in a range of fragrances. The pawsome bar has writing on the side - oneside of the bar reads "My Dog is Pawsome" and the other side reads "My Dog Thinks I'm Pawsome" and are made in two tone colours with the main colour of the melt being contrasted with white paws accents. This makes a lovely affordable gift for pet owners.

The minimum weight of the melt bars is 60g and provide approximately 60 hours of fragrance per bar and are suitable for use in all types of wax melt burners.

Made from the highest quality of soy wax suitable for wax melts and using the finest quality of fragrance oils. Each fragrance is thoroughly tested for its scent throw and we only supply fragrances that provide an excellent fragrance strength when melted. Colours may vary from the ones shown as these are handmade and there is some variation in different batches.

Our wax melts are packaged in compostable display bags made using sustainable materials and can be placed in your own composting bag at home.

Fragrances descriptions are shown here:

We recommend you add no more than one fifth of the bar to the melter at one time. When the scent disappears extinguish the tealight and allow the wax and burner to cool before disposing of the wax. All our wax melts are handmade and are fully CLP labelled and this information is included at the bottom of the listing. Please check this out if you have any allergies.

We would like you to enjoy this product safely more information is available on our candle care guide and allergen information pages.
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