a personalised scented candle featuring a horses head inside a horseshoe with good luck written above

Win a Personalized Candle from Quaver & Lyric

Win a Personalized Scented Candle from Quaver & Lyric: Capture Memories and Fragrance in a Unique Gift

Looking for a truly special gift that goes beyond the ordinary? Enter to win a personalized Quaver & Lyric scented container candle, courtesy of Northants Horse Magazine! We're proud to support the return of this fantastic magazine dedicated to the equestrian community. Visit their website at Northants Horse Magazine to learn more about the magazine and how to enter the competition.

Can't wait to find out if you win? Order your personalized scented candle today and experience the beauty of fragrance and memory combined! 

Read the full article on the Quaver&Lyric website

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